Does CBD help with Diabetes?

Does CBD help with Diabetes?

CBD and Diabetes: User Success Stories

Since the CBD scientific health benefits are somewhat limited, can CBD user testimonials give us new insight?

Numerous posts across the internet in forums and comment sections like Reddit related to CBD and Diabetes commonly discuss how cannabis product helped stabilize blood sugar levels.

Some report that CBD doesn't have any affect on their blood sugar levels and hile that might be true for them there are other possible contributing factors like:

  • Is the CBD process used of high or certified quality?
  • Are other pharmaceutical prescriptions being used that may cancel or negatively interact?
  • Is there a tolerance established where a higher than label recommended dosage might be needed?
  • Bodily incompatibilities
Of those few here and there that said, "Oh it didn't work for me," they were at least subjective to accept it working for others.

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