Elderflower Twist Shot

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Elderflower Twist Shot

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Moose Twist Shots are designed to go fit our 16 oz water bottle and also may fit many other bottles including a FIJI 16 oz Water. For the on the go refreshing tea beverage. Simply twist the cap and your water becomes your favorite flavor of tea. Get the most bioavailability out of your CBD at 15mg per cup with this water soluble scientifically formulated CBD distillate concentrate.

We’ve created a product that seamlessly blends everything you love about CBD with an on-the-go twist cap to ensure you get the most out of every drop. Our innovative twist cap design allows your daily dose of CBD to be enjoyed with a 16oz water bottle to create a refreshing beverage that provides benefits in seconds. Each twist cap contains 15mg of pure CBD, along with natural flavors and sweeteners so that you can get a delicious dose of calm and remain alert throughout the day.

To get the most out of your CBD Tea Shot experience, follow these simple directions:

Step 1

Fill the Bottle to the 16 oz. Water Line. (For a more concentrated drink use less water)

Step 2

Place the Cap on the Bottle and Turn Clockwise.

Step 3

Release the Flavor Concentrate into the Bottle and Shake Well.

Step 4

Drink the CBD Tea Shot and Enjoy!

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